Our Story

Welcome to Prestige Garage Designs! Thank you for coming to our store. We are  the owners of Prestige Garage Designs and we want to tell you a little bit about ourselves so you can get to know us a bit better.

We initially started in a small house in Kansas City which we were renovating on an extreme budget. So we know when it comes to the garage door no one wants to take on the expense of installing a brand new door, when the door we have works perfectly fine! But knowing that it was an eyesore in itself we still looked for a solution. Then we found magnetic hardware, and we instantly fell in love with the entire concept. After getting our own garage transformation, we realized how many bare garage doors there really were that need some character! And that was when Prestige Garage Designs was born.


We want to bring to you what we found to be revolutionary. Your garage is a blank canvas, so why not decorate it? Right now we only have the basic idea and design, but stay with us and we will cater even more new ideas and designs! Thank you so much for all the support we’ve been shown and if you are new here, welcome!


Thank you,

Kolbe and Tommy